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Water Purification Systems

Carocell technology also boasts Zero Liquid Discharge technology, one of the best water purification systems which converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts and minerals.

Carocell panels run as a continuous operation with feed water traveling slowly down individual panels. During every pass approximately 30 - 40% of the flow is extracted as distilled water, thereby increasing the salt concentration of the waste water at every pass.

The heated waste water is then pumped to the next series of panels where the same process is repeated. The waste water is treated as many times as required to bring the salt concentration up to a density of around 1.2 to 1.25.

The remaining fluid then goes to the salt production stage for NaCl crystallization. In the case of sea water the waste liquid after NaCl production will be approximately 30% MgCl which can be sold as a liquid or crystallized in a subsequent panel. Other salts and metals drop out in earlier stages and may also be harvested if they are of commercial value.

Sodium Chloride is used in table salt, pool salt, chemicals and Magnesium Chloride is used in the mining industry as a dust suppressant. There is also the potential to harvest other valuable chemicals and metals depending on feed water source.

Carocell’s increased efficiency (65% with peak efficiencies above 80%) over other solar distillation products (30 – 40%) is a combination of the proprietary materials used to dramatically increase the temperature of the feed water on the solar collector which enhances the evaporation / condensation processes inside the panel.

Additionally, sophisticated geometrical design is available for this purification system allowing for easy maintenance, optimum performance and a self-controlling natural convection loop enabling widely superior energy recovery. 


Example of a CAROCELL SOLAR WATER FARM schematic processing 1000m3 / day
 Water purification system through Zero Liquid Descharge Technology

Example of a CAROCELL SOLAR 
processing seawater

Carocell panels are low cost, environmentally friendly and produce safe potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.
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Zero Liquid Discharge technology converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts such as table salt, pool salt and magnesium chloride
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“The panel has been producing an average of 3 quarters of a bottle” (20 Litres), “of pure drinking water every day, and is the best we have ever tasted”
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