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Carocell Solar Water Farms - All In One Solution

Carocell Panels - Solar Water Purification

After intensive research and testing, F CUBED developed the world leading low cost and environmentally friendly Carocell solar water distillation technology.

The Carocell panels provide clean, drinkable water with no ongoing expense and requiring:

  • No filters
  • No membranes
  • No chemicals
  • No ongoing power source
  • No expertise to operate or maintain

Carocell produces safe, high quality potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.

The Company has undertaken projects sponsored by the World Bank, UNDP, World Concern, Water Aid, Oxfam, UNICEF, the Red Cross and various other NGO's often in conjunction with government sponsored initiatives.
Solar Water Farms (with Rain Water Harvesting)

When panels are combined in what we call our Solar Water Farm. This provides our customers a complete automated all-in-one solution which can be scaled to each location. Each Solar Water Farm Kits are in 5 panel modules and come ready to assemble complete with:

  • The required number of Carocell panels;
  • The racking system including Rainwater Harvesting;
  • A solar pump; and
  • All required irrigation fittings and hosing.

A 5 Panel Solar Water Farm:

  • Will produce 100 - 125 litres of drinking water per day;
  • Drinking water fro 50-65 people per day;
  • Once set up will produce water with no user involvement required - Just Set and Forget
Community Shelters
Similar to a Solar Farm F Cubed can integrate solar panels to form a "Community Shelter" utilising the Carocell panels as the roof of the shelter to provide distilled water, rainwater harvesting and communal shade.
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
A Carocell Water Farm can be utilised to achieve ZLD by:
  • recycling the initial source water continuously through the panels; and
  • Incorporating an evaporation tray to capture the solids.
Utilising the panels for desalinating seawater can not only produce clean drinkable water but also be arranged to produce salt.

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 How it works

Distillation purifies Contaminated Input Water
No matter what the source (Seawater, Bore Water, Well Water, Surface Water) the contaminated water will be treated effectively through the Carocell system without the need for filters, membranes or power:
  • Contaminated water is input into the panel at the top of the unit
  • An internal solar element (fabric) controls the flow and spread of the contaminated water inside the panel:
  • This allows time for the heat inside to evaporate the water; and
  • By ensuring the water is spread evenly across the panel provides for maximum efficiency/output.
Condensation/Evaporation (Distillation) = Purified Water
  • Solar energy passes through the transparent  upper sheet;
  • Heat inside the panel will range between 65-90 degree Celsius, causing:
  • The contaminated water to evaporate off the internal fabric (vapour); and
  • The vapour then condenses on the inside of the transparent sheet (distilled water);
By evaporating water – any solids, bacteria and pathogens in the water CAN NOT evaporate therefore the water is purified.
Panel Design Separates Distilled Water from Non-Distilled Water (Brine)
  • Distilled water will run down the upper sheets into a pure water outlet at the bottom of the unit;
  • Brine water will come flow down the fabric and exit via a separate Brine water outlet at the bottom of the panel; and
  • Brine Water can be fed back into the panel for further processing (ultimately leading to ZLD).

Below provides an example calculation of the daily out by Carocell panel size as well as dimensions of the Carocell panels.



Portable Solar Still

Water Output*:
Temperature 20°C 8 Litres / DAY
Temperature 30°C 10 Litres / DAY
Dimensions: 1150 x 2100mm x 50mm
Surface Area: 2m2
Weight: 15kg

Domestic Applications

Water Output*:
Temperature 20°C 16 Litres / DAY
Temperature 30°C 20 Litres / DAY
Dimensions: 1110mm x 2880mm x 50mm
Surface Area: 3m2
Weight: 17kg

*Water output may vary depending on solar energy and rainfall available. 

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Carocell panels are low cost, environmentally friendly and produce safe potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.
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Zero Liquid Discharge technology converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts such as table salt, pool salt and magnesium chloride
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“The panel has been producing an average of 3 quarters of a bottle” (20 Litres), “of pure drinking water every day, and is the best we have ever tasted”
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