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Solar Desalination Farms

F CUBED Limited provides clean drinking water form all water sources:

  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Brackish Water
  • Ground Water (Bore/Well)
  • Surface Water (Pond/Lake/River/Lagoon)
Using solar energy the Carocell panel removes harmful contaminants including, but not limited to:
  • Salt
  • Bacteria and fecal coliforms such as E.Coli, Cholera
  • Arsenic
  • Metals such as Iron and Lead
  • Other undesirable solids.
Simply put the Carocell panels remove all harmful contaminants where other technologies fall short.Through simple distillation the Carocell panels will take any water source and provide potable water in an environmentally friendly process without the ongoing costs associated with other technologies:
  • No Power Required other than the Sun;
  • No Continual Maintenance
  • No Filter or Membrane Replacements
  • No Chemicals
  • No Expertise Required to operate or maintain

 Our unique Solar Water Farm solution also incorporates Rainwater Harvesting providing a dual source of potable water 

Carocell panels are low cost, environmentally friendly and produce safe potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.
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Zero Liquid Discharge technology converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts such as table salt, pool salt and magnesium chloride
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“The panel has been producing an average of 3 quarters of a bottle” (20 Litres), “of pure drinking water every day, and is the best we have ever tasted”
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