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F CUBED was established to develop Solar Water Purification systems to provide clean drinking water,from any source.
 In most situations it does this at a much lower cost than conventional systems (reverse osmosis technology) with, most importantly, zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

The company has spent  years investing in research and development for a unique desalination unit powered entirely by the sun, known as Carocell, has been installed in over 20 countries and growing..

With no power source required, no expensive parts and minimal maintenance the Carocell panels continue to attract significant interest globally, particularly:

  • Rural or Remote Communities;
  • Island nations and Coastal Communities for desalination; and
  • Sponsored by Government, NGO's and Charities.

The company and its staff are passionate about the conservation of water and are committed to helping preserve the precious resource.

Carocell panels are low cost, environmentally friendly and produce safe potable water from any source including seawater, groundwater and contaminated or polluted water.
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Zero Liquid Discharge technology converts waste brine into drinking water and valuable fractionalised salts such as table salt, pool salt and magnesium chloride
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“The panel has been producing an average of 3 quarters of a bottle” (20 Litres), “of pure drinking water every day, and is the best we have ever tasted”
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